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's 85. spokespersons for the vatican says the pope cited his advanced age and felt keno longer fulfill his responsibilities. german cardinal joseph ratzinger became pope in 2405. he was the oldest person to become the pontiff. he strongly opposed birth control but embraced new forms of communication and joined twitter. he faced a string of challenges from sexual abuse scandals involving members of clergy to an investigation of money laundering in vatican city. a court convicted his former butler of stealing and leaking classified documents that pointed to corruption in the vatican. the pope pardoned him over christmas. it's rare for a pope to resign. pope benedict is the first to quit in nearly 600 years. senior members of the catholic church will start planning their conclave, the meeting they hold to choose a successor. catholics make up a small portion of the japanese population, still, they have been surprised by the pope's resignation. peter tekao okeda became archbishop in japan, has visited the vatican twice and was shot when he heard about the resignation. >> translator: i coul
to the faithful -- people flocked to the vatican to bid goodbye to " benedict, both as the head of the catholic church and as a bishop in rome. the pope took his time. this vehicle stopped several times so he could less children. an estimated 150,000 worshipers had congregated at st. peter's square. they had come from all over the world to be here, to hold up messages of banks and pay reference to the outgoing pontiff. among them, many from the pope's native germany. benedick was the first german pope in half a millennium. a brass band played the anthem of the very where the pope was born and raised. in his address, he spoke candidly about his almost eight- year papacy. he drew an analogy from the bible, saying there had been days of sunlight, but there had also been stormy waters and head winds when the lord seemed to be sleeping. the pope also directly addressed worshipers, expressing his gratitude for supporting his decision to step down. he said he would remain in the service of the church. >> i thank you all for respecting and understanding my decision, the decision i have taken for the go
. the vatican says that will happen before the end of march. >> it was the moment that will go down in history, a moment even his closest aides were not prepared for. benedict was presiding over a meeting ever cardinals called to discuss business, instead he announced he will become the first pope in six centuries to resign. >> in order to steer the ship of st. peter and proclaim the gospel, both strength of body and mind are necessary. that strength has deteriorated in meat so that i have noticed the adequacy of my inability to fill that entrusted to me. >> the head of the college of cardinals said his mission will continue even after he steps down. in declining health has been increasingly obvious over the recent weeks. >> the pope said he repeated the examine his conscience in front of god. it was a deep personal decision taken in the solid atmosphere of prayer before the lord. it >> on st. peter's square, visitors reacted with shock and concern. some also expressed admiration for his decision. >> we are all wondering what spiritual or physical pain could have brought the pope to resign fro
study. castel gandolfo elong stu vatican city, much like a foreign -- castel gandolfo belongs to vatican city, much like a foreign embassy. benedict will return to vatican city. in the future, he will reside just a few meters away. it is being refurbished in preparation for his arrival. a last kiss for the poope. his decision to resign ahas received extreme action. joining us is our -- has received a mixed reaction. >> joining us is our conflict from -- our contact from rome. is there cause for concern? >> i think there is cause for some concern. that's why he promised in his last address to the cardinals -- he promised reverence and obedience. it's also why he is hiding away behind the walls of vatican city states and not returning to his beloved the very a in southern germany for his retirement -- beloved of area -- beloved bugbear yet -- beloved bavaria in southern germany. the new pope has to be charismatic, forceful, has to put his own stamp very quickly on the papacy. >> who will be in charge of the catholic church until the new pope is elected? >> the cardinal will take care of th
to do his job and is stepping down at the end of the month. he is 85. spokespersons for the vatican said the pope cited his advancing age and felt he could no longer fulfill his responsibilities. german cardinal yosef razinger was 75 years old when he became pope following the death of pope john paul ii. benedict xvi was a conservative pope. he strongly worked for his control. he faced the generation and joined twitter last year. he took his turn on handling sexual abuse scandals to an investigation of money launderring in the vatican city. he accused his butler of stealing and leaking documents that pointed to corruption in the vatican. the pope pardoned him over christmas. it's rare for a pope to resign. pope benedict is the first to quit in nearly 600 years. senior members of the catholic church will now start planning their conclave, the meeting they hold to choose a successor. leaders around the world are reacting to the resignation. she had the highest respect for the pope's decision. >> translator: pope benedict xvi is and will continue to be one of the most important religious th
the vatican and the pope's successor? >> i do not think there will be any difficulty with that. apparently, he did call the vatican to clear up his position with the secretary of state. this appears, therefore, to have implications not just for germany. it could -- i will go out on a limb here a little bit -- it could be adopted worldwide. >> you said he called the vatican to make sure everyone is on the same page here. that speaks to how important the issue of contraception remains for the catholic church. >> it is very important, not least because the two growth areas of the catholic church -- asia and africa, of course -- are faced with a population explosions and also because, of course, contraceptions in the form of condoms are also used in aids prevention. those are both areas where there was a huge problem with the aids pandemic. it is an issue that will continue worrying theologians and challenging them. >> all right, thank you very much. >> the united nations says more than half of the languages spoken in the world are likely to die out within a few generations. >> only if you hundred
will be the next pope by the end of march. the vatican has announced that pope benedict will play no role in the selection process. >> a moment of silent prayer for pope benedict. from the philippines to nigeria and mexico, news of the pontiff's's resignation spread around the world. though the news caught the faithful by surprise, many catholics expressed sympathy for benedict's condition. >> he needs a rest. he has done a lot. it is a sign of humility on his part to pass on the responsibility of leading all the world's catholics. >> benedict said he no longer had the strength to carry out his ministry. those were historic words. he is the first pope to abdicate in almost six centuries. this german cardinal believes the move could signal a new era for how future popes will deal with the responsibility of the office. >> in contrast to others in the church and in society, benedict is not clinging to power. rather, he understands that it is an authority that was conferred upon him that he must exercise for the greater good of the entire church. that is already considerable speculation about
and a standing ovation with people packing a vatican auditorium to catch a glimpse of him. >> benedict told the crowd he was stepping down for the good of the church and ask worshipers to keep praying for him. he had stunned the church on monday when he announced he would become the first pope to abdicate in centuries. >> vatican officials have announced that the conclave to choose a new pope will start at the 15th of march. >> this ash wednesday service marking the start of lent is the last public mass said by pope benedict xvi. he was joined for the emotional ceremony in st. peter's by the cardinals and bishops closest to him. benedict spent the morning in an audience with thousands of followers and for the first time provided details about the thinking that went into his resignation. >> i made this decision in complete freedom for the good of the church. i prayed for a long time and examined my conscience before god because i am aware of the seriousness of this action. but at the same time, i know the i am no longer able to meet the demands made of the seat of st. peter. >> many wonder h
priests. >> he said he would offer his resignation months ago but it was only today the vatican made it effective. he is reported a making unwanted advances to a number of priests up to 30 years ago. the cardinal denies the chances and he would not take part in the upcoming election of a new pope. vatican officials say pope benedict xvi try the world changing the selection process will start as soon as all cardinals arrived in loan. -- arrive in rome. >> sunday, wellwishers turned out for his final prayers as hopepope. >> swedish furniture giant ikea is removing the frozen meat balls after tests found that some contained horse meat. >> officials in the czech republic found the meat. ikea is conducting their own tests to validate the findings and that meatballs from other batches are still on the shelf. >> there may be another food scandal brewing in germany. they are investigating what they believe could be massive fraud by egg producers. >> 200 farms are suspected of repurpose saying they are organic and those breaking the law could be jailed. >> the eggs in question were sold of or
final public audience at st. peter's square in the vatican. the outgoing pope made his last public appearance on wednesday morning, one day before his resignation. 50,000 tickets were given out to see the pope make his farewell. but tens of thousands more followers were estimated to be in attendance. he is resigning due to old age and poor health. the pontiff bid farewell to followers in the square from his popemobile before making his speech. he said to love the church also means to have the courage to make difficult, painful decisions. there has been no papal resignation since 1415. the outgoing pope will leave the vatican by helicopter on thursday after bidding farewell to the cardinals. >>> police in switzerland are investigating a deadly workplace shooting. it happened at a wood processing company near the city of lucerne. at least three people were killed and several others are wounded. the incident occurred 9:00 wednesday morning. police say the shooter and two employees died. local media say seven people were injured, four of them seriously. investigators are trying to iden
the world. he is the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years. vatican officials say pope benedict will give his final papal audience on february 27th one day before he steps down. they say they're making preparations to hold a conclave to elect a new pope in mid march. >>> a section of roof at the chernobyl nuclear complex has collapsed, prompting workers to evacuate. ukrainian authorities say no one was injured. and they say there were no leaks of radiation. officials say a 600 square-meter section partially covered the turbine hall. workers built it after the nuclear disaster in 19 86. it gave way under the weight of heavy snow. contractors are building a new protective structure to cover the number 4 reactor, about 150 meters away. foremen for a french construction company pulled out 80 workers as a precaution. experts are concerned the concrete and metal structure built after the disaster is too old to contain the radiation inside the reactor. >>> people from japan are getting a chance to conduct a more thorough search for japanese war dead with the opening up of myanmar. the remains of
heated debate. >> 80%-90% of all followers use contraception, officially forbidden by the vatican. if we and drifted apart to such an extent, something must be wrong. >> it is not just an issue among worshipers. he says the bishops are often too detached and have to deal with grass-roots issues. >> i see this among the full- time staff, the ones on the front line. they are frustrated and disappointed with the leadership, the bishops' conference, but disappointed with wrong. this is much greater than among normal questions. >> the mass is over in berlin. the priest here is happy with the church. he is an admirer of pope benedict saying there's no need for change. >> i enjoy reading everything he writes and says. i pass a dawn because people are rarely heard from the man in a theological sense. >> continuity or change? the opinion is divided and the wish list for the new pope is long. >> it's like what he wished for the church last year, to strengthen faith and not get tangled up in superficial matters like taxes there and other issues. >> i want the new pope to continue that and continue
spent time with them. vatican officials say the cardinals will meet in early march to set the date for a conclave to elect a new pope. benedict xvi is resigning because of old age and poor health. no pope has done that since 1415. he is scheduled to fly by helicopter to the papal retreat in a suburb of rome. his resignation goes into effect at 8:00 p.m. local time. >>> weather authorities are urging residents of beijing and surrounding areas to avoid any outdoor activities. people have been struggling with polluted air for months now. cars and factories have spewed out tiny particles. known as pm2.5. weather officials warn levels of the pollutants are 10 to 20 times above world health organization guidelines. that's left people in beijing and neighboring hebei province in a fog. >> translator: it must be very hazardous for my skin and lungs. i bought a lot of masks. >> airlines have canceled many domestic flights at airports in hebei province because pilots can't see through the haze. >>> south korean defense ministry officials have warned that north korea is likely to conduct a la
and will leave the post at the end of the month. he's 85 years old. spokesperson for the vatican say the pope cited his advanced age whether he announced his decision and said he felt he could no longer fulfill his responsibilities. cardinal joseph ratzinger was 78 years old when he became pope in 2005 followi death of pope john paul ii. he was the first german to take over the role since the 11th century. pope benedict faced a string of challenges during his term from sexual abuse scandals involving members of the clergy to an investigation into money laundering in vatican city. in addition, a court convicted his former butler last year of stealing and leaking classified documents that alleged corruption in the vatican. the pope pardoned him over christmas. it's rare for a pope to resign. they usually die in the job. top members of the catholic church will now start planning their conclave. the meeting they hold to choose a successor. >>> u.s. and south korean marines have given reporters a glimpse of their first joint winter drills. the marines started training together last week in the sou
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